• Web and mobile development and consulting

  • Network and internet support

Our Services


  • Web, application, and SQL architecture
  • Web development in ASP.Net
  • SQL development
  • SQL problem solving and optimization
  • Andriod app development
  • C#, Java, VB, and C++ programming
  • Responsive web site implementation


  • General tech support
  • HTML and Javascript modification
  • Image and photo handling
  • Document Formatting
  • Desktop and Network "How to?"

About Us

Mikasoft is an association of full and part time IT professionals, providing high level development and architecture work and basic technical services.

Our specialties include web site development, SQL databases, object-oriented software design, and C#.

Our dynamic team has over forty years combined technical experience. We bring bring inquisitiveness, commitment to quality, and passion for technology to each job.

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